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What you need to do


  • If possible, make submixes of your finished mix
  • When you digitally downmix to disc , CD-R or DVD – leave sufficient headroom in the files – it will be enough if your max peak is at -3dBFs.
  • Write the important information on the CDR/DVDR: title, order, date, contact details
  • Please do not use paper labels! It is much better to write notes in the booklet and put a reference on the CDR
  • When sending data storage media by post, always send at least 2 copies
  • If your medium is not the master, mark your mixes with, e.g. Final Mix Y, Submix Vocals … etc
  • Always mix at the highest possible resolution and bitrate
  • Do not convert ( samplerate ) your files yourself
  • Do not normalize your files