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M/S Mastering


The term “MS mastering” refers to a method where the side signal and the mid signal can be processed separately from each other. Radio signals, too, are transmitted in MS and radio set itself decodes them back into stereo).




The benefits:

  • The compression, sound and volume of the mid signals – mostly vocals, bass, drums – can be independently manipulated
  • Stereo separation can be increased
  • Side signals, e.g. room reverb, cymbals , backing vocals … everything at the edge of the stereo image can be manipulated separately from the mid signal
  • A “buried” instrument can be brought back into the foreground

This method is generally used in the following circumstances:

  • The music is of a type that will benefit greatly from it
  • The mix as a whole is flawed
  • There are no submixes
  • The vocals are not properly centred
  • The backing vocals are not loud enough
  • Room reverb is buried
  • A remix is not possible

MS mastering enables me to break down even finished stereo mixes into their main components and give your music the best possible impact.