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The mastering process

My tasks in the premastering process:

  • To understand the totality of your music
  • Use my appreciation of your work to apply the technical approach and methods that suits it best
  • Create a premaster to be sent to the press


The individual steps Involved:

  • Discuss the project with the artist
  • Check the data are complete and error-free
  • Create a project
  • Develop a feel for the character and sound of the music
  • Establish a provisional track order
  • Master the individual tracks: play out , mastering chain, record
  • Put the mastered tracks together
  • Edit the lead-ins, lead-outs and transitions
  • Once again discuss the project with the artist / rework if necessary
  • PQ-edit according to the Redbock standard, CD or audio DVD, complete with ISRC codes
  • Create a DDP master / burn a CD-R
  • Quality check
  • Upload the DDP master via FTP or/and
  • Handover / send off the CD-R master