Analouge mastering for your audiophile CDs and DVDs

The human ear "hears analog"

Musical sounds, whatever their origin, consist of much more than their fundamental notes; they are made up of a multitude of overtones and harmonies.

My job during the mastering process is to unravel the mystery of this complexity, and, while preserving the natural qualities of the harmonies and fundamental notes, present the ear with warm, clean, perfected sound.

A crucial prerequisite here is the use of exclusive handmade analog equipment and the finest digital technology.

  • Analog tube-based technology for sound editing (Fairman/Jambor/Chandler/GML)

  • Digital technology for conversion (Lavry Blue and Gold)

  • The latest advanced editing software (Sequoia)

The uncompromising quality of these components helps your music effortlessly assert itself in all listening situations.

The beauty of sound is a matter of complex aesthetics, not one of simple volume! (Loudness War) But we should never forget that the artist and their music must always remain the central focus.

As a musician, I bring an important element of creativity to the technical process of achieving a sonically balanced and coherent whole.

Patch Pacher