Analouge mastering for your audiophile CDs and DVDs

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mastering engineer and studio owner Patch Pacher

Patch Pacher

The true beauty of sound is analog

Mastering – the critical step in the post production of your audio recording.

I am here to bring my musical understanding and technical knowledge to this important part of the CD or DVD creation process.

In modern post production and CD manufacture, audiophile mastering is an unparalleled means of enhancing your audio recordings!

The content of a CD or DVD may well be digital, but with analog mastering I can preserve the unique magic of your music. Good audio production begins with the recording (analog) and continues via the mix (digital or analog) into analog mastering.

In today's digital world, analog mastering represents a decisive orientation toward the way human hearing works.

I will guide your CD / DVD along the path from completed mix to completed premaster – in stereo and in 5.1 surround.

Patchmusic - Audiophile - Analogue - Alternative

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