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Remix / Summings


At Patchmusic, your project can be created directly. Whether yours is a ProoTools, Nuendo, Cubase or Logic project, I can implement your song or project directly with Seqoiua 9.x !

Using analog summing (Dangerous 2 Bus) of currently 16 separately converted audio signals, your mix will sound deeper, warmer and generally better shaped. The “silhouettes” of your instruments in the stereo image will be noticeably clearer. This comes from putting the signal through an analogue console purely as a preamped signal.

You still need more sound?

The UAD-1 card from Universal Audio is the perfect tool to enable me to give your music the punch you want it to have. Sound colours of a Fairchild 670, an EQ from Neve 1073 or a Pultec – all analog classics built to the original circuit diagrams by brothers Jim and Bill Putnam – as analogue outboard equipment and in digital replica, the UAD-1!

When the remix / summing process is complete, your mix then passes through the centrepiece of my mastering chain:

  • Lynx AES/EBU
  • LAVRY Blue
  • Dangerous 2 Bus
  • Chandler "Curve Bender" and a GML 8200 state of the art analog EQs
  • a FAIRMAN/JAMBOR tube compressor
  • a analog - digital converter from LAVRY AD GOLD
  • Advanced processing with Sequoia with Sony Oxford and/or Universal Audio and T.C. Powercore Plug-Ins